Seo: changes in the ranking factors

By Google could be some positive changes in the ranking factors have occurred. For in the Google webmaster tools to play the statistics of Google Plus an important role. In general, it was in the past almost always the case that if the webmaster tools included certain things changed in terms of search engine optimization or Seo the ranking factors.

Ranking Factors

Lately there were some updates on Google. With farmers and Panda Google already sorted some domains from the top-10 ranking from the search engine. Not everyone likes social networking. Many people complain about the disclosure of data on the Internet. But who operates his business on the Internet, should take a serious think about how to use social networks for customer retention and search engine optimization. It is not entirely proven, that the ranking because of postings on social networking sites like Facebook , Twitter and Google plus improved. But alone the aspect that we bring faster by posting messages on our website visitors, as without these networks. The prerequisite for this is that you have many friends and acquaintances in their network, their accounts will be published in the news, too.

Text, design and usability

Good and fresh content is a factor for durable good search engine rankings to get. An appealing design with ease of use ensure that users visit the site again. If the whole package right, speaks quickly about that one has found a good website on the internet and thus cause further recommendation. Who are the signals of Google in terms of SEO then considered, then converts them into practice on-and Offpageoptimizing will be permanently successful. The continuity of link building should also be respected.

SEO Ranking Factors in 2015