Here’s one: Social Sharing

With the many plugins/widgets available in the repository, social sharing has become incredibly easy, no doubt, a priority on any Website! But, there is a flaw which some might know how to correct, but I certainly don’t which is why I ask.
So when a user clicks to share a page/post to social, the redirect is normally sent to the native site, but on mobile, users use apps! With that in mind, browsers won’t necessary contain credentials. So ideally you’d want your share to open in an app if the app is detected…? Is there a solution for this?
Ok, so I’ve installed ‘add to any’ on my site which seems to have had a lot of great reviews (free) and I’ve noticed that most app links point to the app but only Facebook, opens in native browser, is there a way to force a pop up instead of the native Facebook browser login screen?

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<a href=”fb://profile/212971392077465″ class=”facebook”>My Fanpage</a>

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