Google Adwords Vs Facebook Ads

In this post I am comparing Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

Google Adwords


1) The best method to get customers quickly, because search traffic customer conversion rate is higher than any other ads network

Eg: To  promote a product with in a week

2) A little complex interface to start the campaign, but once used it really useful.

3) By using google analytics with adwords will give us the correct view of our investment in google ads

eg: setting a goal for sales


1) Cost is little high

2) A little complex interface to start

Facebook Ads


1) Its really a long term investment if you creating ads for your facebook fan page. Once you get more fans you can use them for life time to spread some news about your product or service.

2) You can also target the users according to the age,interest etc

3) It is cheap compared to the Google Adwords

4) Easy to start and interface is simple


1) Most of facebook users normally use facebook for fun, thats why rate of converting users to customers would be low