E-mail marketing is pretty cool but …


Almost every SEO/SEM/SMM expert out here and on the internet thinks e-mail marketing is pretty cool. Well of course it is cool, but it isn’t cool to place someone on a mailing list without asking them first. When you place someone on a list, at least make sure your clients on the other side are OK with it. It gives them the time to classify their mails. If you start mailing updates without even asking, it not only disturbs their workflow, but also steals a lot of time from your clients. You might even end up on the Spamhaus blacklist.

If it sounds like a non-issue to you then read this. I’ve been running my blog Techno FAQ for the last 4 years. Right now I handle over 400+ one-to-one emails a day. When you PR guys email me updates without asking me, if takes me 3-4 mins to read, delete and move to the next mail, which is unfair to the guest contributor or a regular advertiser. If you plan to send me updates, notify me with a personal mail beforehand so that I can pull the mail into a folder.

As for me, if you keep sending me mails like that via mass-mailing services, I’m going to write a sieve script to push the email into Spam directly and notify Spamhaus in real-time and get your damn domain name blacklisted.

Unsolicited email is like telemarketing and cold calling without any rhyme or reason. I don’t understand why even in 2016 you need to resort to such practices just for a few sales or PR messages, when there are several other ways to send unsolicited updates. Sending unsolicited mails without your “client” validation makes your potential clients/customers see you as an invasive entity who has no respect for their life or time. And if you keep adding people again who have chosen to unsubscribe, better see yourself at Spamhaus.

Author Sunit Kumar Nandi