6 Mistakes To Avoid In Working With Website


We continue a series of Weekly Educational Broadcasts. Once a week we will send you advices on how to improve efficiency of your website. Today I’ll tell you about the main mistakes you have to avoid in working with the interests of your users.

Your readers are your potential clients and customers. Do not ignore their interests. Show them that you care about them. Below are 6 crucial mistakes you have to avoid:

  • Excessive amount of advertising blocks, banners, or links. Do not publish more than 3 blocks on the page.
  • Masking advertising as website content. You can get a refusal twice. Firstly, search engines will drop your website position. Secondly, the contextual advertising system will deprive you of the pay.
  • Publication of the invisible content. Here all is clear – leave those SEO cheap tricks and post only visible content of superior quality.
  • Involvement of nontarget traffic. Reach your target audience only.
  • Lack of functionality and usability. Make your website as user-friendly as you can. Users appreciate when you care of their convenience.
  • Too complex navigation system. Make navigation structure as simple as possible. The visitor should be able to get to the homepage in two steps or less.

Create only first-rate content valuable for your readers and make your website as user-friendly as possible.

Is there something you want me to talk about in my next educational letter? Let me know and I’ll choose the most interesting topic to cover.