3 Ways Videos Are Good for Search Engine Optimization

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Make it and they will come. While this is a catchy phrase, it doesn’t always bode true when it comes to websites. Even the most engaging websites won’t contribute to your bottom line unless you are able to drive traffic to it and get your customers engaged. This is where a quality video can play a crucial role and make a real difference in your marketing strategy, resulting in increased viewers and up to an 80 percent increase in conversions.

Videos Increase Rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

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A well-placed video, such as on your landing page, adds an additional element for the search engines. When indexing sites, the search engines look for content-rich information and this is where videos play a crucial role. Not only does a video contribute to increased general search results, your video is indexed into video search results, increasing exposure.

A key element in search engine indexing for your video is in the title and description. Be sure to use rich text and targeted keywords. Another way to increase video ranking is to provide a video transcript alongside the video, boosting informative text for the search bots.

Let Your Videos Help Boost Site Engagement

The average internet user has a short attention span and it is crucial to gain their interest immediately. An engaging video does more than help sell your product or service. A well-created video provides information while still leaving room for the viewer to want more.

Make sure that the thumbnail image that appears for your video is compelling and draws the viewer to want to watch. While the video brings traffic to your site, it should also draw a viewer to engage and explore your site’s additional content. Therefore, your video topic and how it ties into your additional content is essential.

Increase Your Click-Through Rates (CTRs) With Engaging Video

When creating an advertising campaign, increased click-through rates contribute to a lower cost per click and enable a company to stretch their paid search budget. This is where a well-made video can greatly contribute. Online videos account for 74 percent of online content and almost 50 percent of online viewers look for product related videos before visiting a store or site.

In addition, four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. By utilizing rich video content, you draw attention to your product or service and draw more visitors to your site. Agora Quick Start Guide offers your video developer a variety of ways to create interactive and engaging videos that work to draw your customers in.

A well-made video is a crucial element to add to any marketing strategy and, by including the correct elements, it can significantly improve your sites search engine rankings. In addition, the use of video contributes to brand recognition and is a great way to introduce your products through social media avenues. By sharing videos on your company’s social media platforms, you attract new viewers and increase your click-through, while providing additional links to your site.