3 Ways to Stay in Touch with Past Clients


The data consistently proves that it is worthwhile for companies to stay in touch with past clients especially in big-ticket item industries like automotive. Research results vary on the exact number, but it can cost a business up to 30 times more to gain a new a customer than to retain an existing one. Maybe it can be frustrating to call on a past client and repeatedly hear that they are not interested in purchasing anything new at that time. Through diligent work and great note-taking, though, this effort can pay off.

Here are 3 ways your company can stay in touch with past clients to ensure future business.


Today, most email marketing campaigns are conducted on a permission basis, so if your client opts-in, it means that they will be more receptive to your eMarketing communications. Once you have accumulated a sizable email list, your company should put that list to work. Consulting with automotive email marketing professionals who are well-versed in client retention, loyalty and marketing is a great next step in order to maximize the value of that list.


Even when your past client is not ready to purchase that big-ticket automotive item right now, they could be open to spending money on other services or smaller products. Offering a points program that gives these clients incentive to make those interim purchases is one way to keep them engaged. The best points program is customized to fit the needs and wants of your particular clientele so how you allow them to redeem earned points is up to you. Your points program information can be communicated to these clients through eMarketing and you can employ the services of marketing professionals to build, manage and track it for you, too.


Offering past clients other forms of elite-status only rewards is another great way to keep them engaged with your company in the interim. These reward opportunities can easily be communicated to them through eMarketing and just like the points program, should be customized to satisfy their particular wants and needs. Some customers, for example, will appreciate exclusive coupons and others will enjoy bonus discounts offered to elite clients only.

Once a customer has chosen to conduct business with your company, you have the opportunity to keep them as a customer for life through eMarketing and rewards programs.